Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IJ is Three Yippee!

IJ turned three! We are so proud of our little boy! He had a Race Car Birthday with all the fixings! He had a race with cars, stacked boxes, jump house, and even had a obstacle course! Thank you for all who made his birthday special!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our Little MJ

Our little MJ is so adorable and we loving having him be apart of our family! He is starting to smile and coo! We love seeing hime get bigger and more aware of his surroundings! He is such a gift from God! Our other great gift from God!
We love and adore him!

Zoo with Friends

We went to the zoo with our new friends! We had so much fun looking at the fish, elephants, bats and the biggest snake in the world!

Small Town Fair

Here is Aunt G and IJ riding the Crazy Bus at the fair! The fair was so much fun! We rode rides, ate fair food, saw some interesting people and watched the horse races! We truly had a great time experiencing the fair!

Fourth of July

We had an enjoyable Fourth of July! We watched the local fireworks and then the next day we had a bbq with our new friends from our church! We had fun playing, chatting, eating, making homemade ice cream and ending the day with sparklers! It was a regular down home fourth of July! We did have so much fun with our friends and family!

Aunt G Came to Visit us Again

It was a great time with Aunt G! We so enjoyed having her with us in Ohio! She sure came far from Arizona! We were grateful for her help and being here with us! We had fun going to the Zoo and Fair while she was here! We had a blast!

Nanny and Dubedee Visit

IJ sure had fun with Nanny and Dubedee here!Here is Nanny trying to teach IJ to ride his tricycle. They were able to be here for the birth of MJ and spend time with IJ! They were also a huge help during this season of our lives! We are also grateful for them! And everyone that helped us during this time!

Gramy Came to Visit Again

Grammy came for a visit again from Arizona! We had fun having her here with us! We sure were busy getting used to a new baby, she sure was a huge help! We were grateful she was here!

MJ's First Month

Can you believe it is MJ first month? He is getting so big! We are still getting to know the little one! All we know is that he has quit a temper at times. But we love him!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grandpa J

Grandpa J was able to be here for MJ's birth! He was able to be there for IJ's birth! But we got to have him here as well and it was farther!We were so happy to have him around and was grateful for his company and his help! IJ also loved having him around to play baseball with and basketball! They thoroughly enjoyed each other! We miss him already because he had to go home!

Proud Big Brother

IJ is so proud of his little brother and so excited to have him around! Helps bring the bottle, feed him, get his diaper, makes sure he is alright, helps get him up in the morning and thoroughly enjoys holding him! He is such a wonderful big brother to MJ!

Our Sweet New Arrival

Here is our new addition! MJ! We are so overjoyed by our new bundle of joy to join our family! He is such a good baby and sweet little boy! He was born in June and is 7lbs. and 14 oz! We are so excited about this event!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two More Weeks

I am two weeks away from giving birth to our second son and wow has this time been easier! He is much smaller, it is much cooler, and he moves much more! We are all looking forward to this next little guy! IJ is ready to get me the diapers, read books to the baby and help with the feedings! He is so looking forward to having a brother and a new playmate! God has given us two blessings!

Mother's Day 2007

I cannot believe I celebrated my second mother's day with my little IJ. He is such a true joy and full of enthusiasm and care for others! I am grateful to have such a gift in my life! My husband and him planned such a nice meal at a beautiful restaurant for me! I truly enjoyed every minute of my day!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Farm

IJ and Mama went to the farm the other day and had a blast! I think IJ had more fun than mama. He so enjoyed seeing all the animals in the big red barn. Plus he was so excited to ride the tractor ride. Eventhough it was pouring rain, we still had a ton of fun! See we have been reading this book The Big Red Barn which mentions all kinds of things about farms and IJ has been really into those things mentioned in the book. Things like tractors, horses, sheep, pigs, scarecrows and all kinds of other things. Plus he actually gets to see some of those things in Ohio.

Happy Halloween!

IJ decided to be Thomas the Tank Engine this Halloween. This is our trial run and it did not go so well. Well we took him to a trick-or-treat in the local park on Oct. 21st and he wore his costume for about 15 minutes and was ready to take it off. Plus he did not enjoy walking around to get candy in the park. So when Trick-or-Treat in our neighborhood actually came on Oct. 26th here we decided he would probably enjoy passing out the candy more than walking around the neighborhood. And he did enjoy it immensley. I asked him if he wanted to wear his costume he said "NO!" We had fun passing out candy together as a family! I do have to say he looks adorable in his costume!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday!

IJ has turned two! He really enjoyed his party! You would ask him, "How old are you?", he would answer "Two! Then he would say, "Choo-Choos", because we had a Thomas the Train birthday of course. We had train games and even a train ice cream cake! He enjoyed hearing everyone singing to him and blowing out his candles. Thank you for everyone that came and had a good time, plus the ones far away who sent thoughtful gifts and called to sing to him. He absolute was tickled by that! We had a house full and felt loved by all who came! We cannot believe he getting so big and talking so much! He truly brings us such joy!

IJ's First Pumpkin Festival

IJ truly enjoyed his first pumpkin festival, in the beginning of the fun day he spotted the rides and said to Dad enthusiastically "Ride ride!" So from there he rode almost every kid ride in the park and even the adult ferris wheel with dad! Yes the ferris wheel! He is one brave cookie! He had so much fun he did not want to leave. We enjoyed the 14ft Pumpkin Pie and yummy food. Also there was a fun parade that also IJ enjoyed. He now wants to read about parades and play parade. He plans on playing the drums and being the drum major when he grows up. We had so much fun! Plus Papa, Nana and Auntie F came along the fun! It was so so so cold! But we had a ton of fun!

Football! Basketball!

Papa, Nana, and Francis came up to celebrate IJ's second birthday! And Papa and Nana wanted to play IJ's two favorite games at the moment, basketball and football. He loves playing both a ton! So much we got him a basketball hoop his height for inside for his birthday and that is pretty much all he wants to play! He is such an ethusiast!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Fall Is Here!

In our little town of Ohio is was in the 30's with windchill in the 20's. IJ struggled with me every step of the way to get that hat and those gloves on to get him outside. He was inside where is was warm and did not understand why he had to put all this stuff on. Oh did he have a culture shock! This is just the first time, just wait until the snow suit. He did have fun kicking the leaves and being outside the watch mama play basketball, but that is about it. Oh the sense of adventure!

Oh WOW! Big Truck!

Those were IJ's exact words all day the truck came to unload our stuff at our new house. The driver was so great and let IJ sit in the truck at the driver's side. He was so thrilled to do this and enjoyed every minute of it! He also had fits that day because we told him he could not stand in the truck the whole day, he did not even want to stop and eat lunch. He absolutely loved it! IJ is still talking about this day still on how the big truck brought the boxes.

Nanni and IJ

When we got to Ohio we had no furniture for a week. We had all our big appliances but no furniture, we were camping in our home! We did have fun doing that! IJ did not know what to do with himself. He was grateful Nanni and Papa were there to play with him (including paint for us). Nanni and IJ had a ton of fun on the floor playing cards and having picnics.